Top 10 Gifts to Send During the Lockdown

White pillar scented candleThe hardest thing about lockdown for me has been not being able to see friends and family.  It's tough mentally for all of us, and sending a gift during this time, whether it's for an occasion such as a birthday or 'just because' is a lovely act of kindness which will help to raise spirits.

If you know anyone going through a hard time at the moment with Covid -19, or even someone whose birthday is coming up and you can't celebrate with them in person, I've put together a list of the 10 best gifts to send during the lockdown, that will be guaranteed to make them feel great and put a smile on their face.  They'll love you for it too! These gifts are great to buy as a present to yourself as well - self-care is so important especially at the moment when we're all in lockdown.  All these gifts can be sent directly to the lucky recipient as well, saving you from having to go outside of the house to the post office.


1. A beautiful journal

    Grey and pink journals with pencils giftsBeautiful stationery is a favourite of mine to both give and receive, and as a bonus, journaling can do amazing things for our state of mind.  Writing our thoughts down in a journal every day can help us to understand how we're feeling and process these thoughts.  I use my journal as a gratitude journal, writing down 5 things I'm thankful for every day, which makes me feel happy even when things are tough.

    I absolutely love the journals from CGD London – they have a whole range from ‘Stress Less’ to ‘365 Days of Gratitude’ – plenty to choose from!

    2. A comfy sleep mask

    Cat sleeping in white duvet

    I know a lot of people are having trouble sleeping at the moment during the lockdown, and these masks from La Aquarelle are so beautiful and soft! They do a whole range in either organic cotton or bamboo silk, in lot of different colours.  They even have gift sets which come with a lavender sachet for putting under your pillow. So dreamy…We've partnered with La Aquarelle to feature their hand-made bamboo silk sleep masks in our 'Sleep Deluxe' luxury ethical gift box.

    3. An organic tea set

    There’s nothing more comforting than a cup of tea, so if you know any tea lovers out there, this organic tea gift set by The Singing Leaf is the perfect gift, with 2 bags of loose organic tea, a tea infuser, 2 re-usable cotton teabags, a bamboo spoon and a pair of bamboo tea tongs. 



    4. Some delicious chocolate

    White chocolate with cocoa beans gift

    I absolutely love chocolate (who doesn’t?), especially when I know it’s been produced in an ethical way. Divine Chocolate produce delicious chocolates and are partially owned by cocoa bean farmers, promoting fair trade and female empowerment.  They now have an organic collection, and do some beautiful gift sets, including a vegan tasting hamper. Our Relax & Pamper and Good Vibes Deluxe Luxury Ethical Gift Boxes include Divine Chocolate. Yummy and ethical!

    5. A pamper hamper

    Pamper candle and tea in bath

    Now is the perfect time for a bit of pampering, to help de-stress and relax.  Odylique make amazing organic beauty products which are all freshly hand-made in the UK, and they have beautiful pamper gift sets for the perfect pick me up.  Try their ‘Selection Box’ which contains 7 of their most popular products, including a scrub, moisturiser and balm.  Look out for some of their wonderful products in our Wellness & Self Care luxury ethical gift boxes.

    6. A natural, non-toxic scented candle

    White pillar scented candle

    Scented candles are such a great way to relax and unwind, and there are now lots of companies producing natural candles made from soy or rapeseed wax, which doesn’t release toxic chemicals like paraffin wax does.

    One of my favourites is Wildheart Organics, who hand make beautifully scented candles in Edinburgh from all-natural ingredients, scented with pure essential oils.  Their ‘Happiness’ range is perfect for sending to that special someone during the lockdown, to uplift their mood.  Try the Happy Triple Wick Candle, which can also be personalised with your own message, or their Tranquil Travel candle which is included in our Relax & Pamper Deluxe Luxury Ethical Gift Box. 

    7. Accessories for their home office or desk

    Green plant in white ceramic mug

     If you know someone who’s working from home during the lockdown, why not gift a desk accessory to brighten up their working environment?  A desk plant is a great way to add some life to a desk and they also purify the air. Patch do some lovely desk plants – my favourite is the Stella plant; with its vibrant bright pink leaves, it’s sure to brighten up any desk or room.


    8. A personalised print


    A personalised print can be really special, as it's something which can be kept for a long time, displayed around the house and become a conversation point with your friends and family. I love the style of Mellow Doodles, who do custom portraits from a photograph of you or your loved ones in a cute cartoon style; they can even do pets!


    9. One for the kids

    Child's hands playing with coloured sweets on table

    If you're looking for a gift for a little one that will make them happy and also keep them busy while they’re at home, take a look at ‘The Little Happy Kit for Kids’ by Hendog Designs. The kit can be personalised and is filled with lots of feel good prompts and challenges that are designed to encourage children to be kind, thoughtful and resourceful, whilst having fun at the same time!  It’s made in the U.K. and they offer free gift wrap.

    10. A handmade card

    Handmade birthday card pink


    This one does involve you getting to a post box - but if you have a tight budget, why not try making a handmade drawing or card, with a promise of an activity to do together once the lockdown is over?  All you need is some paper or card and some coloured pens or pencils.  Don't worry if you're not artistic; it's the thought that counts and I guarantee it will feel really special.

    Here’s one I made for my sister-in-law whose birthday was in April; not perfect but it’s the thought that counts!  If you're struggling for ideas, find a design of a card online to use as inspiration.

    Gold ribbon

    I’d love to hear about any other ideas you have or if you have any questions about a gift you need to buy – feel free to leave me a comment or drop me a DM on Instagram @amalacurations



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