Ethical Gifting: 6 Luxury Ethical Gift Ideas You'll Love

With the nights drawing in, now is the perfect time to think about pampering your loved ones. 

If you’ve been considering buying an ethical gift, we can help you find the perfect choice. September is Organic Month, and we think it’s important to understand the impact we have on the planet, and to understand the importance of ethical gifting.

Luckily, nowadays it is easier than ever to find a gift that offers a sense of luxury while also being ethical. This blog post presents six different luxury ethical gift ideas that your friends and family will love while also benefitting the planet.

Ethical Gift Idea 1: Serenity Deluxe Gift Box – Amala Curations

The Serenity Deluxe Luxury Ethical Gift Box contains a thoughtful curation of products that reduce stress and anxiety, and enhance tranquillity. Each product is cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and 100% natural.

Amala Curations Serenity Deluxe Luxury Ethical Gift Box

The box contains products such as soothing bath salts, aromatherapy roll-on with essential oils, organic tea and a personalised, hand-written note on seed paper. Each gift box is luxuriously wrapped and the box itself can be re-used or recycled. 

What’s more, we are an official partner of One Tree Planted, a non-profit dedicated to global deforestation. When you buy one of our gift boxes, we plant a tree, helping us to give back to the environment. 

If you are looking for a luxury gift that is eco-conscious, our ethical gift boxes are a perfect choice.

Ethical Gift Idea 2: Herkimer Diamond Necklace – Wearth London 

You may not think the words ‘diamond’ and ‘ethical’ can go in the same sentence, but this diamond necklace, exclusively available at Wearth, proves this is possible. 

Wearth Diamond Necklace laid on 2 white and grey marble coasters

This necklace is hand created in the UK from recycled, sustainable materials and is plastic-free. It’s a beautiful ethical gift to give to a loved one, as it possesses powerful natural energy properties said to strengthen the mind. In this case, diamonds are the earth’s best friend!  

Ethical Gift Idea 3: Entwined Cherry Tree – The Present Tree 

If you’re looking for a more natural ethical gift, this beautiful entwined cherry tree by The Present Tree is an excellent choice. 

cherry tree placed in front of a black wall

The trees are delicately entwined so their roots and branches will flourish and grow together forever, making this a perfect gift for couples. The tree can be kept inside or outdoors and symbolises good fortune and future happiness. 

The entwined cherry tree is nurtured using 100% organic products, and the pots, parcel cover, and the parcel itself are 100% eco-friendly.

Ethical Gift Idea 4: Ladies Purse – Elvis and Kresse

This fashionable purse by Elvis and Kresse is a great choice for an ethical gift. 

Red Elvis and Kresse Purse Open on white table

Made from decommissioned red fire-hose and lined with reclaimed parachute silk, this purse pairs a whole new kind of luxury with sustainability. The purse is available in red or yellow hose and is vegan-friendly. 

What’s even better is that 50% of profits go to The Fire Fighters Charity, making this a gift that keeps on giving. 

Ethical Gift Idea 5: Ishga Face Oil – Ethical Skincare

With a luxurious blend of geranium oil, jojoba and sweet almond oil, this organic face oil by Ethical Skincare completely rehydrates and tones the skin. 

Ishga Organic Face Oil

This oil even uses a special seaweed extract from The Western Isles, which is believed to contain natural antioxidants which help protect the skin from ageing. The seaweed is hand harvested and 100% organic.

This is a great ethical gift idea for loved ones who want to enrich their skincare routine. 

Ethical Gift Idea 6: Bamboo Printed Scarf – Thought

If you are seeking an ethical gift for your fashion-conscious friends and family, consider the bamboo printed scarf by Thought. 

Bamboo printed scarf

Navy blue in colour with a unique floral design, tasselled corners, and presented in a beautiful box, this scarf is made from 100% premium bamboo. The design is inspired by the flowers found in the gardens of Sissinghurst Castle and is a truly stunning accessory. 

  Gold ribbon


With a wide range of different ethical gifts to choose from, we hope we’ve inspired you to make a more eco-conscious choice the next time you’re choosing a gift for someone. At Amala Curations, we are committed to curating gift boxes that reduce our impact on the environment, with our newest range promoting wellness and self-care.  

If you’re considering buying one of our luxury ethical gift boxes, you can receive 10% off when you sign up to our newsletter!

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