How to Elevate your Gifts by Creating a Narrative

Welcome to Elevated Gifting, a series of blog posts leading up to our launch which explore how to conceive, craft and deliver the perfect, meaningful gift.

Today - how creating a narrative or story behind your gifts can really elevate your gifting style.

Taking the time to think about the story behind the gift, and those little details, makes the process more mindful and considerate.  As a result, your gift will be more personal, more meaningful and resonate more with the recipient. 

Remember that the process is more important than budget; you can create beautiful, meaningful gifts with a story that don’t have to break the bank.

Here are a few expert tips on how to create a meaningful gift, in 3, easy to remember steps:

The WHY: What do you know about this person that you can use to create the perfect gift?

Think about any experiences you’ve had with the recipient that would allow you to craft a meaningful, personal gift.

A shared story, an anecdote, an observation; these can all add meaning to a gift which is personal to the two of you.

A useful tip is to keep a journal of gift ideas.  For example, you go shopping with a friend and notice that they spend a lot of time looking at a certain product.  Or you have a conversation with your Mother who says she wishes she had more time to pamper herself.

Make a note of this for the future; it’ll help you to think of the perfect gift when the occasion arises.

And if there is a shared story or anecdote behind a gift, make sure to add this to a card when you give the gift; it’ll make it all the more meaningful.

The WHAT: Give an experience, not just a gift

It’s often said that we get more joy out of experiences rather than ‘physical things’.  However, experiences and rituals can be created from physical gifts, and these rituals can be long-lasting, extending the life of the gift.

To start, consider the recipient and what they enjoy or need:

  • A coffee-lover: craft a ritual around creating the perfect cup of coffee in the morning
  • A lover of beauty and self-care products: craft a ritual around an evening of relaxation & self-care
  • A travel-lover: craft a ritual around the perfect plane journey

In creating a ritual from a few products, rather than a single product, you’ve created an experience.  

All of the gift boxes in our collection are crafted with a ritual and story in mind, so that you can gift well with ease. 

The WHEN: Consider the timing of the gift

An element of surprise in any gift can often elevate the happiness received.

Perhaps you know someone who has been going through a tough time, and would really benefit from a gift to cheer them up. 

Or you haven’t seen a friend who lives a long-distance away for a while.

Sending a gift to say ‘I’m thinking of you’ will show genuineness and consideration, creating long lasting connections.


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I hope you've enjoyed reading the first guide in our Elevated Gifting Series; next week - we'll be looking at STYLE: creating your signature style in gifting and wrapping.

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