How to Elevate your Signature Gifting Style

Welcome to Elevated Gifting, a series of blog posts leading up to our launch which explore how to conceive, craft and deliver the perfect, meaningful gift.

Over time, I’ve developed my signature style in gifting and wrapping, so my friends and family always know a gift is from me.  This helps to make your gifts more memorable and unique; just like everyone has their own handwriting style or fashion style, your gifting style should reflect your personality too.

Here are some tips to make your gifting style reflect you:

-Always include a message with your gift; this really increases how personal the gift will feel to the recipient and gives what I call ‘the warm fuzzy feeling’.  If you can, add a little anecdote or story which is personal to the two of you; this adds all the more meaning to the gift.

-For your messages, consider creating some personalised notecards with your name on; these can be used for various gifting occasions.  Rosemood do some lovely, elegant ones. All of our luxury ethical gift boxes contain a personalised notecard too. 

-A wax stamp with your initials on are a great way to create a signature style.  There are some gorgeous ones available at The Little Blue Brush, London.

I bought mine in a little quaint shop in Venice around 15 years ago and it's still working great, and adds a touch of nostalgia and elegance to any card

-Think about your gift-wrapping style and how you can reflect your personality into this, but also be mindful of your recipient and what they would appreciate.  I find that reflecting seasonality into gift wrapping works well, as you can make use of natural foliage and elements from nature, which adds a special touch and helps your gift-wrapping to be eco-friendly.

Also consider the occasion and tailor your gift-wrapping accordingly.  Weddings call for fresh, elegant colours and florals, whereas Christmas for example would inspire more seasonal colours and elements.  


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I hope you've enjoyed reading the second guide in our Elevated Gifting Series.

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