The Importance of Organic for New Mums and Babies

Becoming a mother is one of the most rewarding adventures you will experience. We expect many new mothers are anxious to give their child the best start in life, and that often starts with diet and wellbeing. The rising popularity of organic food, beauty, and leisure products poses a key question: is embracing an organic lifestyle important for mother and baby? We explore this question in this blog post.

So, why are organic products considered to be the best option? Here are a few reasons:

Organic products do not contain harmful ingredients

Organic products are produced using natural methods, ingredients and materials.

This has the advantage of not containing artificial fertilisers, restricting chemical used in production, and avoiding harmful pesticides and toxins.

For example, research by the World Health Organisation has found that pesticides can have acute and chronic health effects on humans. Natural products therefore guarantee a healthier way of life for you and baby.

The vast majority of organic products will mention that they are certified organic by the Soil Association. This indicates a certain level of quality, as it demonstrates they have met certain criteria considered important, such as no pesticides.

This same argument also applies to toys. By buying naturally produced toys, you avoid artificial chemicals or materials that may have been used in the production process, ensuring a safe and sustainable toy for your new baby.

We love these organic cotton handmade crochet squeakable turtles - just one of the thoughtfully-curated products available in our mother and baby luxury gift boxes.

Organic cotton crochet turtle toy

Organic products contain ingredients that promote wellbeing

Organic products are also more likely to contain natural ingredients that enhance wellbeing and health, both for pregnant women and their babies. When babies are in the womb, it’s important that the mother is staying healthy.

A popular practice for soon-to-be mothers is drinking healthy teas that are specially made for pregnant women. For example, this organic raspberry leaf tea by Myrtle and Maud contains a multitude of nutrients which help to relieve pain and act as a tonic for the entire body. It is even thought to encourage breast milk supply, providing a healthy source of nutrients for your baby.

For the baby itself, organic products can promote health and reduce irritation. We like this organic baby bottom balm by Lulu & Boo. On top of reducing redness, inflammation and pain, this naturally scented balm can be used to treat dry skin, offering an all-encompassing baby must-have for new mothers.

These are just some of the amazing organic products we have in our luxury mother and baby gift boxes – coming soon!

Organic products guarantee an ethical, sustainable standard of living

Another key point to consider is the long-term benefits that an organic lifestyle will have on the environment. It’s a good idea to introduce your new baby to organic products as early as possible; research shows that children express brand awareness as young as age two. This suggests that increasingly using organic products will have a positive effect on your child’s future brand development, encouraging eco-friendly habits from a young age.


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