Meet our Partners | An Interview With Lucia, founder of Organic Skincare Brand Casa Mencarelli

As an ethical gifting company, we get to partner with amazing brands who create beautiful, organic, sustainable products, to bring you the best in luxury, ethical gifting.

We couldn't create our luxurious, ethical gift boxes & hampers without our brand partners, and so over the next few weeks, we'll be bringing you interviews with the founders of these amazing businesses.

Today, we chat to Lucia Mencarelli, the founder of award winning, organic skincare brand, Casa Mencarelli, about the inspiration for her skincare range and the importance of an organic lifestyle.

Lucia Mencarelli and Casa Mencarelli logo    

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background

I am Italian, I moved to the UK a few years ago for a job. I spent several years working in multinationals until I decided to change career due to health reasons, and started again to study part time to get a diploma in nutrition and in organic skincare formulation. I wanted to do something good for people and teach people how to implement healthy self care routines in their life.

What motivated you to create Casa Mencarelli?

When I started creating healthy skincare products, my family and friends asked to try the products; they loved what I was doing and they were asking to purchase.  Then friends of friends starting inquiring.  So let’s say it came naturally - having a business would allow me to share my knowledge and reach more people, so more people could get healthy, naturally glowing skin and be happier with themselves and with life in general. 

Your brand is so beautiful and colourful, in many ways different to traditional white organic skincare packaging.  What inspired you when designing your brand & packaging?

Thank you! I wanted to bring into the products all the colours and the aromas of the Mediterranean, so that we have healthy Mediterranean ingredients to nurture and protect the skin. The coloured packaging is to remember the Italian sea and sunshine; the traditional Italian artistic ceramics are typical of my area in Umbria.

Casa Mencarelli bowl and organic skincare on flat surface with white flowers

How does the formulation of your skincare products differ to other organic skincare brands?

All our products are organic certified by the COSMOS Soil Association, fragrance-free, raw, nutrient rich and antioxidants. They are like a detox pack - the Mediterranean diet for the skin. The skin really likes them, and my customers are really happy when they find me. We also offer free skin consultations, which helps to make informed and personalised choices!

Your skincare products have won numerous awards - what would you say has been the key to creating such a popular organic product range?

I wanted to create wellness for the skin, have all ingredients organic certified, and have something that makes my customers happier and healthier. Transparent, effective, environmentally friendly, allergy friendly, sensitive skin friendly. 

Do you have a favourite product from your range?

I love all the products; they are multifunctional and work in perfect synergy. I have to say that probably the Mask, Toner and Serum are favourites for summer!

Casa Mencarelli organic skincare products on white surface

What has been your proudest moment since starting the business?

Winning 10 natural Beauty Awards in less than 2 years, and I have to say one more award is on the way, top secret for another 2 weeks!
What would you say to consumers who haven't yet made the switch to organic beauty and skincare?

What you put on your skin is absorbed and will go into your blood stream, so choose wisely, always read the labels and choose organic (which means no synthetic ingredients and no pesticides!) and preferably no essential oils because they can irritate the skin.

Lucia Mencarelli juicing an orange for organic beauty products

What is your idea of a perfect day?

A summer day walking in the countryside or along the seaside with no timeframe, just enjoying the warm weather, the aromas and the sounds of nature! 


Gold ribbon


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