Meet our Partners | An Interview with Emma Sinclair, founder of Wildheart Organics

As an ethical gifting company, we get to partner with amazing brands who create beautiful, organic, sustainable products, to bring you the best in luxury, ethical gifting.

We couldn't create our gift boxes & hampers without them, and so over the next few weeks, we'll be bringing you interviews with the founders of these wonderful businesses, to give you an exclusive, behind the scenes peak at who they are and why they do what they do.

Today, we chat to Emma Sinclair from Wildheart Organics, who creates divine aromatherapy products using 100% natural essential oils, in her studio in Edinburgh.

We absolutely love their products, and you can find their candles and room sprays in many of our gift boxes!

Wildheart Organics


Thanks for joining us today Emma!  Tell us a little bit about yourself...
My perfect day would be walking in the wilds of Scotland in the morning, creating a new essential oil blend in the afternoon.  Enjoying a Thai vegetarian meal in the evening with my two children.  My top two treats are wine and dark chocolate.  
What inspired you to create Wildheart Organics?

A chance visit to a boutique hotel where I discovered the power of essential oils, been hooked ever since.  Always wanted to make wellness products that enhanced others wellbeing.

How would you sum up the ethos of Wildheart Organics in a sentence?

Create beautiful ethical aromatherapy for our customers.

Can you tell us a little bit about the ingredients you use in your candles and other aromatherapy products, and how this differs to other brands?
We only use 100% therapeutic grade essential oils and natural ingredients. Many others add lab-created naturals which have very limited therapeutic benefit.
I love that your aromatherapy products are themed around states of well-being, such as 'happiness' and 'inner peace'.  Do you have a favourite scent?   
Probably Tranquil, we all need calm times at the moment.
Tranquil Travel Candle Tranquil Room Spray Wildheart Organics
That is one of our favourite scents too, that's why it's in our Signature Relax & Pamper Gift Box!  What would you say are the key challenges you face being a natural, ethical aromatherapy brand?
One recent issue is the rising costs of raw materials due to the worldwide supply chain disruption.  Every day presents a new challenge.  We always find a solution and stay true to our quality values.
What has been your proudest moment since starting the business?
There isn't one moment as such.  I am thrilled every time I receive an email or story from a happy customer.  Yesterday a customer called to say she was writing a book based on her recent postnatal depression and how she had recovered.  She said the Happy candle was the one of the main things that helped her get through her day.   Stories like this are so lovely and motivate me during the hard days.
Your products are great for self care and relaxation - which items have been the most popular during the lockdown? 

The Tranquil and Happy ranges have been very popular!

Happy Room Mist Tranquil Aromatherapy Roll on

Self Care is so important, now more than ever before.  What are your favourite self-care activities?

Walking, cooking and yoga.   I love mediation and practising being in the moment. Really enjoy watching Eckhart Tolle at the moment.   Reading aromatherapy book as well.


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We hope you enjoyed finding out more about our brand partner, Wildheart Organics. Their amazing candles, room mists, aromatherapy roll-ons and pillow sprays are featured in our Wellness & Self Care Range of Gift Boxes., available on our website.

We can also put together a completely bespoke gift box for you, if you'd like to mix and match various products - we love creating the perfect gift so do get in touch!

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