Elevating Summer Gift Wrapping Ideas

Daisies in bloom in fieldWe generally tend to think of seasonal gift-wrap as being limited to Christmas.  But with summer approaching, and nature in full swing, there are so many thoughtful and beautiful ways that we can wrap our gifts for all those summer birthdays and occasions.

With a little bit of planning and thought, we can elevate our gifts into experiences and moments to be cherished.  Try out some of the ideas and tips below to create truly memorable gifts.

1. Give some thoughtful consideration to your gift

When planning your gift, give some careful consideration to the narrative behind it.  The perfect gift will tell a story; with attention to those little details, making the gift both personal and meaningful.

Also consider the timing of your gift.  At times like this during lockdown, when we are less able to see our loved ones, a gift given outside of traditional occasions can resonate even more and will demonstrate authenticity and care.

2. Use natural, light fabrics instead of wrapping paper

Furoshiki is a re-usable Japanese wrapping cloth, traditionally used to transport clothes, gifts or other items.

In recent years, this method of wrapping gifts has become increasingly popular, for numerous reasons:

  • It’s environmentally friendly - no need to use wrapping paper
  • It looks elegant and sophisticated
  • The fabric can be a gift in itself

Think about using a fabric that speaks to you, and complements your gift or recipient.  For the summer, light, natural fabrics in whites, ivories and pastels work well, and can be accessorised with darker accents to give a pop of colour.

Furoshiki Japanese fabric gift wrapping    Furoshiki fabric wrapped gifts






Stock up over time so that you’re prepared for any gifting occasion; linen napkins could work for small gifts, or even cotton scarves for larger gifts. 

Alternatively, a wide selection of fabrics are available online.


3. Use florals to represent the summer

Using florals is a great way to dress up a simple fabric and stay seasonal through the summer.   Think about which flowers the recipient likes, and what meaning various flowers portray.

Fresh flowers are great during the summer, but won’t last for long after being cut, so only do this if you’re decorating the gift on the same day as you’re gifting.

Dried flowers are great to use as they last longer and can be re-used by the recipient, also giving a sense of simplicity and nostalgia. 

For the perfect summer florals, try a combination of these dried flowers: larkspur, baby’s breath, daisy, lavender and oats.  Your local florist should be able to help.

Bunches of dried flowers

4. Hand-write a note for a thoughtful finishing touch

Hand-written notes add a final personal touch to any gift, and demonstrate depth and consideration. For the summer, consider writing an anecdote or message on seed paper; this is paper which contains seeds inside and can be planted by the recipient; the definition of an everlasting gift. 

 Seed paper with dried floral


Gold ribbon

We’ll be doing an in-depth walk through of Furoshiki Fabric Gift Wrapping in a couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for it.

Did you know our Wellness and Self-Care range of luxury ethical gift boxes all contain a beautiful arrangement of dried florals as well as a personalised message to give your loved ones? 

If you have any comments or questions on our blog or gifting in general, please get in touch or leave a comment below – we’d love to hear from you.

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