The Gift of Wellness: 5 Tips for Staying Positive

Welcome to ‘The Gift of Wellness’ a series of blog posts about how incorporating wellness into your gifts can make your gifts not only luxurious and special, but beneficial for the recipient.  Each week, we’ll be looking at a different wellness & self-care theme and how we went about curating our Signature Range of Self Care gift boxes.

Today, we’re looking into the power of positivity and giving you some tips to help you maintain a positive mindset.

Why is positive thinking so important?

When you think of the successful and happy people in your life, what do they have in common?  One factor is they tend to be ‘glass half full’ people; they approach life with more optimism.

It’s often said that our thoughts define our lives, and so filling our minds with more positive and uplifting thoughts can really help us to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

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Here are just some of the benefits that positive thinking can have:

  • A longer life expectancy
  • Lower rates of depression
  • Lower levels of stress
  • Higher immunity
  • Better psychological and physical well-being
  • More resilience in difficult times

Does positive thinking mean nothing bad will ever happen to me?

No – positive thinking doesn’t mean that nothing bad will ever happen, or that we should ignore anything challenging that is happening in our lives. 

It just means that when we do face challenges, we approach life in a more optimistic and productive way.

In fact, there is lots of research behind the power of positive thinking in getting us through challenging times.

I’ve experienced this first hand, when I was fighting cancer and under-going chemotherapy.  In a situation like that, it’s very easy to see the future as bleak and think negatively.  But all the doctors told me that positive thinking and visualisation (for example, visualising a scenario where the cancer is cured and you’re healthy) can have a significant positive impact on healing the physical body.

How do I train my mind to think more positively?

There are lots of ways we can adopt a more positive way of thinking; it does take time and practice, like developing any new habit.

Here are 5 top tips to start thinking more positively:

1. Be mindful of when a negative thought goes through your mind

It’s natural, especially at the beginning, for negative thoughts to pop up in our minds.  When they do, it’s important we challenge the thought – “is there a more positive way I could look at this”.

When we challenge ourselves to think more positively, we start to develop a habit of doing so.

2. Practice gratitude daily

Write down in a journal every day the things you’re grateful for.  Studies have shown that gratitude is linked to happiness, as we become more content with the things we have in our lives.

I am grateful journal

3. Carry out an act of kindness

Doing something nice for someone else has been shown to boost our happiness and positivity, and also spreads happiness to others – a win win!

4. Smile

The simple act of smiling or laughing has been shown to make us feel happier!  Our brain recognises that our facial muscles are smiling, and that in itself can boost our emotions.

5. Positive self-talk or positive affirmations

Although it may feel strange telling ourselves we’re amazing, scientific studies have shown that self-affirmation, when practiced regularly, will change the way we think and feel for the better.

When you wake up in the morning, try saying out loud some positive statements to yourself, to challenge any negative emotions you may have.
Affirmation Card Amala CurationsAffirmation Card Amala Curations

For example, if you’re worried about work, you could say “I believe in myself and my abilities”.

We’ll be doing a full blog post on positive affirmations in a few weeks.

Give the gift of positivity

With all the benefits that positivity can bring to our lives, why wouldn’t you want to give the gift of positivity to your loved ones? 

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They're great unique birthday or thank you gifts for a friend, mum or sister; and the perfect way to show you care.   They're also great gifts for employees who have been going through a challenging time.

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