The Gift of Wellness: How to Refresh & Renew your Life

Welcome to ‘The Gift of Wellness’ a series of blog posts about how incorporating wellness into your gifts can make your gifts not only luxurious and special, but beneficial for the recipient.  Each week, we’ll be looking at a different wellness & self-care theme.

Today, we have a guest writer, Lindsay from Forever Wellbeing, exploring how important it is to periodically refresh your lifestyle and why this is so relevant now more than ever, post lockdown.  Forever Wellbeing work with people to help them unearth the healthiest version of themselves.  They have a range of products for your health and wellbeing including nutritional supplements which can support your diet and naturally cleanse the body to remove any toxins and refresh your mind. 

 Lindsay from Forever Wellbeing

Time to refresh your career?

There have been an estimated 650,000 jobs losses (across many industries) in the UK during lockdown.  Many people are having to look for new employment, a decision taken out of their hands, however many are now deciding to review work from home opportunities instead of the conventional 9 to 5 office or retail positions.

Working from home may have been a relatively new concept for many, however in recent surveys 90% of people said they felt their productivity had increased.    It now seems many companies are looking to permanently change their working methods and either scale back office space or even in some cases close offices. 

Mac laptop on white bed with coffee and cake

Increased family time at home has also influenced many to re-assess their work life balance; for example, not wanting to miss key moments in their children’s lives due to a long commute.

    Rejuvenating your Physical Health

    Sales of vitamins and supplements have rocketed as everyone looks at ways to boost their immunity system.  However, it is also important to assess your diet, because simple changes can make a big difference.  For example, increasing the amount of green, leafy vegetables consumed each day will naturally fill you up and give your body plenty of nutrients and should encourage you to consume less unhealthy snacks.

    Selection of green leafy vegetables on table

     Fitness can also play a huge role in our mental and physical wellbeing, personally my daily walk was an essential coping technique in the early days of lockdown.  People have looked to change their exercise habits with gyms not being available, making the most of walking, running and cycling.  Inside, we have also changed our fitness regimes, with millions following online fitness classes such as Joe Wicks PE Class.

    A focus on self care and de-cluttering the mind

    Refreshing your self-care routine can also enhance your mental health, something which is so important during the extremely stressful last few months.  Taking time out to look after yourself is so important for your wellbeing, whether it is massaging some hand cream into your hands, taking a relaxing bath or walking to your local park.

    Amala Curations Refresh & Renew Detoxing Luxury Ethical Gift Box Hamper

    Amala Curations have created the perfect Self Care luxury ethical Gifts for renewal, with their Refresh & Renew range of Gift Boxes. These are great either for yourself or to gift to a loved one, especially in the current times.  A thoughtfully curated selection of luxury gifts including Detoxing Bath Salts, Organic Feel New Tea, an Organic Clay Mask for detoxing the skin, and an Aluminium Water Bottle, this box of self care treats will encourage you to relax, detox and de-clutter the mind.   

    Cleanse your body and refresh your health

    Lockdown has meant that many of us have over indulged in food and drink to try and forget about the stresses in the outside world.  Forever Wellbeing work with people to offer a nine day nutritionally-balanced body cleanse programme, called C9, which is an excellent starting point to transform and refresh the body and mind. 

    Forever Wellbeing Nutritional Program

    The Programme includes five different products which help to cleanse and support the digestive system.  After nine days people see and feel incredible results including clearer skin, healthier nails and hair, less bloating, improved sleeping pattern and many more.  The most noticeable improvement is often the change to mindset concerning fitness and following a healthy diet.  To continue the health and fitness journey we also offer the follow on programme, F15 which continues the focus on healthy eating whilst offering nutritional support.

    It can take approximately 3 weeks to change or adapt to a new habit, combining the C9 and F15 together for a 24 day nutritional programme is an excellent way to achieve healthy results and change your mind set for living a healthy balanced life.

    Have you already made any changes in lockdown to refresh or rejuvenate your life in any way?  A refreshing change is good, as Dalai Lama once said:

    ‘Happiness is not something ready made.  It comes from your own actions’.

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    Please note, the C9 programme should not be taken by anyone who has diabetes, kidney disease, epilepsy, heart disease or dementia and should not be followed by children or those breastfeeding or during pregnancy.  If you have any medical conditions we would recommend speaking to your doctor before starting this programme.

    If you want to find out more information or get some tips about C9 or F15 Programmes please get in touch with us so we can assist you in starting to work towards your weight loss, exercise and lifestyle goals. 

    Please note Forever Wellbeing are currently running a summer promotion on both programmes;
    C9 =   £100 plus P&P  (usually £113.30 plus P&P)
    F15 = £110 plus P&P (usually £123.66 plus P&P)

    To take advantage of these prices please email

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