10 tips for a more sustainable and natural Halloween

If you’re normally the first to get your costume at the ready, the horror films on standby, or the first to plan the biggest, scariest Halloween party, the current situation may have you feeling less than spooky this year.

There’s still hope, though! You could have a zoom Halloween party with friends and family, or focus on arts and crafts with your kids. Whatever your plans are, we’re here to open your minds to the opportunity to have a more sustainable, environmentally friendly Halloween.

Pumpkin halloween

Not only is it entirely possible, it can actually be more fun as you will need to get your creative juices flowing. We’ve compiled a list of 10 tips to help you have a more sustainable, spooky Halloween this year.


Tip 1 – Go organic

If you’re close to a farmer’s market, this is the best way to buy a completely organic pumpkin. Alternatively, buying locally can also offer organic produce. Organic pumpkins will be free from pesticides and will have been grown in a way that benefits the environment.

Woman holding a pumpkin near a bale of hay on a farm

Tip 2 – Bake up a pumpkin storm

Pumpkins are mostly used for carving during Halloween – and often, the inside goodness gets thrown away.  But there is so much more you can do with a pumpkin when you are finished. Rather than throwing away the insides, you can enjoy an evening baking all sorts of tasty goods. From pumpkin pies, pumpkin cookies, and even pumpkin soup, there’s so many different ways to reduce your waste while trying something new!

The BBC have some great pumpkin recipes here.

Treats galore

Tip 3 – Make your own sweets

There may be a lot less trick-or-treaters this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get your sugar fix! Try making your own sweets and chocolates this year – using organic dark chocolate, of course. You’ll feel like you earned them more when you’ve made them yourself, and you’ll know exactly what is in them.

These Halloween Chocolate Apples look delicious and easy to make, as a change from Toffee Apples, and don't contain any food colouring or additives.

Halloween Chocolate Apples

Tip 4 – Research before you buy

If you do want to buy sweets, make sure you buy organic, natural confectionery. Luckily there are so many more options in shops these days; just make sure you read the labels to see what is in them.

Biona do some organic, vegan sour snakes which are great for Halloween!

Halloween decorations

Tip 5 – Create your own decorations

Get your creative cap on and make your own decorations this year! Gather up as many materials as you can; think old toilet rolls, empty bottles and old clothes. There are so many sources of inspiration, such as Pinterest.

Bedsheet ghost halloween

Bedsheet ghosts are a great idea, and just need a white bedsheet, some newspaper and some string.  Find that and lots more ideas here.

Tip 6 – Forget masks, try paint

Instead of buying masks, many of which are made out of plastic, try using paints to create the ultimate spooky face! From a scary clown, to a wicked witch, there are many different creations you could paint.

Spooky costumes

Tip 7 – Have a crafty competition

Host a competition with your friends, family and children to see who can make the most inventive home-made costume – and have a catwalk at the end to show them off! Not only will you save money on a costume you only wear once a year, but it will really test your creative juices.

Tip 8 – Hit the charity shops

If you’re not the creative type, try buying your costume from a charity shop. It’s cheaper, benefits the environment, and supports a cause. Plus you may find some gems you hadn’t considered to have a completely unique costume.

Tip 9 – Costume swap for new inspiration

A really fun idea you could try is swapping your Halloween costumes with friends and family! Put everything into a black bag and mix and match for hilarious results. This gives everyone something fresh and new to wear, without spending more money.

Tip 10 – Do it with your children

If you have children, an eco-friendly Halloween is a great way to teach them the values of being sustainable. Children normally echo the behaviour of their parents, so starting them early will help them understand how important being organic and environmentally-friendly is for our planet. Plus, the creativity required to make all your costumes and decorations will guarantee hours of fun together.

halloween mum and child baking

We hope our tips have given you inspiration for the most spook-tastic Halloween yet. Let us know in the comments below which tips you plan to use, or if you have any others we haven’t covered. Have a wonderful Halloween everyone!


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