About Amala Curations - Our Approach to Luxury Ethical Gifting

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread happiness through the art of luxury, ethical gifting.  We believe that our gifts have the ability to connect people, creating moments of joy that will be treasured for a lifetime.  

'Amala' is a word derived from Sanskrit, an ancient language which was used in Hinduism and Buddhism, meaning 'clean and pure', representing our approach to gifting.

Our love of luxurious, ethically sourced products, along with our attention to the finer details and our passion for spreading happiness, is what drives us to create our signature luxury gifts.

What really makes us happy, though, is the feeling that we know you'll have when your loved one receives a signature Amala Curations gift.  The genuine surprise and pleasure they'll feel is the result of our unique approach, bringing together luxury, natural products and beautiful presentation.

All of this, delivered to you with simplicity and ease, so that you can enjoy choosing the perfect gift and leave the rest to us.

Our Values

Ethical & Enjoyable

We believe that gifts should have a positive impact on us and the world around us, but never at the expense of your enjoyability because it's possible to have both. In fact, we believe the most luxurious gifts are those that have been produced with an eco-conscious mindset behind them. 

Loving & Luxurious

We believe in luxury, sent with love.  We know it's those little luxurious touches that make all the difference; allowing you to show how much you care, creating special moments for both you and the recipient.  

Caring & Convenient

We believe in offering convenience, with care; a simple service where you choose a luxury gift and leave the rest to us, knowing that we will put as much love and care into the gifting process as you would yourself.

Happy & Healthy

We believe that happiness starts with holistic health.  That's why our gifts are designed to create moments of joy, with products which are good for mind, body and soul.  

Our Promise To You

When gifting with us, you can rest assured that all of our gifts are a thoughtful curation of the highest quality, ethical products:

Cruelty Free

All of our gifts are cruelty-free, meaning that they have not been tested on animals.  

In addition to this, many of the products within our gift boxes are suitable for vegans.

Our luxury gift boxes come with a menu card which explains each product within the box, and we always ensure it is clear which products are suitable for vegans.

Eco Friendly

We only work with brands who take sustainability very seriously and take active steps to minimise their impact on the environment.  

We also ensure that all of our packaging is environmentally friendly and is either bio-degradable or recyclable.  We always aim to use what nature has given us to decorate our gifts, with cotton ribbon, dried florals and natural fabrics.

We would encourage you to re-use our gift boxes for storing treasured items or mementos; they're beautiful and will complement any home helping us to reduce our impact on the environment even more.

One Tree Planted logo

As well as the steps we take to create eco-friendly gifts, we're also proud to say that we are an official partner of One Tree Planted, a non-profit dedicated to global deforestation.  

For every product we sell, we plant a tree, as part of our commitment to sustainability. 

Made from Natural Ingredients

All the products we gift are made with natural ingredients and are free from toxic chemicals.  The majority of the brands we work with have Soil Association Organic or Natural certification.  Find out more here

We understand that obtaining Soil Association certification can be difficult for small brands due to the time and expense involved,  so we do work with some brands without official certification.  However, we always take steps to ensure that their products are produced with natural ingredients. 

The Little Touches

We know that luxury gifting is all about those little details, and we strongly believe you shouldn't have to compromise on luxury when making ethical purchasing decisions.  That's why we place the utmost importance on those little touches you won't find elsewhere.

Our gift boxes are personalised with a hand-written note on seed paper, wrapped to perfection and delivered with love.

Seed paper is our way of creating gifts that keep on giving.  After the personalised gift message has been read, the card can be planted in the ground to reveal some beautiful flowers in a few weeks. 


We also create bespoke gifts for individual clients, weddings, events and corporate needs.  Click here for more information.