How to recycle our packaging

We make every effort to ensure that the packaging and embellishments we use for our gifts are either re-usable or recyclable.

Take a look below for information on what to do with your packaging after receiving your gift.  We really appreciate you working with us to care for the environment.

White Keepsake Box

We would encourage you to re-use our gift boxes for storing treasured items or mementos; they're beautiful and will complement any home.  

Our lovely white boxes are made from 40% recycled box-board, and are fully recyclable.  If you do need to dispose of the box, please carefully remove the magnet and then place in the recycling bin.

Cotton Ribbon

The beautiful ribbon on the outside of our boxes is made from a 100% natural, cotton-linen blend.  Definitely one to store away and re-use on future gifts.

It's made from recycled material and can be recycled again with other textiles through recycling centres - check with your council.  Alternatively, it's compostable; cutting it up into small pieces will speed up the process.

Recycled Ribbon

Our satin ribbon is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles from Europe.  The bottles are cleaned, broken down and spun into a recycled yarn. 

The ribbon can't be recycled again, so we deliberately don't brand our ribbons, to make it easy for you to re-use them for future gifting occasions.

Shredded Paper

Our shredded paper is great to re-use for any future gifting occasions.

It's made from recyclable kraft paper, and is also fully biodegradable and compostable.

Menu Card & Gift Tag

Our menu cards and gift tags can be recycled in your recycling bin.

Seed Paper Gift Card

The gift card you received with your gift was hand-written on seed paper; our way of creating gifts that keep on giving.   Just plant the card in a sowing tray or pot, always keep the card moist, and you should see some beautiful flowers in a few weeks, reminding you of your loved one who gifted it to you.

Brown Void Fill Paper

We use a small amount of void fill paper to ensure that your gift reaches you in perfect condition.  It's made from 100% recycled material, and can be recycled in your recycling bin.

Outer Postal Box

Our postal boxes are great to re-use for anything you may need to post in the future (or for any arts and crafts projects at home).

They're made from 100% recycled material and can be recycled in your recycling bin.  The tape we use on our postal boxes is also recyclable, so there's no need to remove this if placing in a recycling bin.